Hi there

I have a 4 month old cavalier king Charles spaniel.

Shes wormed every 2 weeks had all her inoculations and been fleed etc

But she's getting diarreah off and on. She's been dragging her bottom on the floor and each time I took her to the vets she's had blocked anal glands which they empty

Iv had to take her twice to do this in 4 weeks.

The vet said it might be her diet iv been feeding her barking heads dry food with cooked chicken for training treats and burns chew sticks for a treat (one a day) which are just chicken and rice and nothing else, also she has a rice chew stick which she chews on over the week

shes a very fussy eater!! she would not eat raw food it just ends up going off.

Im going round in circles.

The only other thing she occasionally does is eat a small amount of wet cat food before I have chance to stop her

Help :-(