Hi everyone my name is Nadine myself and my partner bought an 8 week only Cav puppy on Friday and he is beautiful. His name is Elvis and he has been a dream in the few days we have had him. We took him to the vet today and found that he obviously hasnt had a vet check as he has a hernia and a grade 5 out of 6 heart murmur. We are absolutely devastated.

His heart is extremely fast and you can hear and feel it. His belly is also swollen which the vet suggested could be fluid.

We can now not get insurance for Elvis and cannot afford the four figure operation he needs. The breeder has offered us our money back but we want to give him a happy life even if it is only a few small years. Can you give me your experiences? How many operations will he need? Insurance advice? Any help at all. Anything but comments on the fact he should have been health checked before we got hm as we are really upset and just want some experiences shared. Thanks so much. Nadine