Fellow Cavie Enthusiasts!
It is with great shame that I admit- I may have pampered my little Mel into a food monster. Mel has only ever been fed five-star dog food and treats. This being said, when I first got Mel, I fell into nearly EVERY puppy trick in the book. . ... So now Mel is a very finicky eater. He rarely eats all of his food and sometimes goes two meals without eating (he's fed three times a day). He's waiting for me to make it more "fun."

Now, before I get into trouble- I have been working with my trainer for months on getting Mel to eat better, but it has been in vain. I cannot get Mel to eat consistently, and my intuition tells me that it is the cause of his abnormal coat. Mel is almost two years of age now and has not grown a the full, "signature" cavalier coat. In fact, he still looks like a puppy. Sure, his tail has wondrous feathering, and so do his ears- but the rest of his body has hair no longer than one inch. He also has little hair on his belly and chest. I NEVER cut it and he gets brushed every other morning.

I am earnestly seeking some fresh ideas on how I can correct Mel's eating habits (our should I say- my poor training..) AS WELL AS knowledge on how I might supplement his diet safely. I'd do anything to make this right. Mel has a savings account for all his health needs (I saved for him as I worked through college) so cost is not an issue. Tragically, there are no dieticians in my vicinity.

Best Regards and Gratitude,