I decided to buy the boys a new crate cover for Christmas (okay, I confess ... it was really for ME!!).

I ordered from this Etsy shop:

Erin, the shop owner lets you choose any fabric you like from a website she uses. My fabric was a little pricier so the cost a little pricier, but I think it was worth it. I was not a fan of the big bows so asked her to do strap to roll up the front door and have it button on top.

Here is Lucky sitting on the crate cover after I sat it on the sofa:

You can't really tell but the door is rolled up and I just have small straps holding it in place.

I have a basket from Ikea that I put on top that stores treats and grooming supplies for them. Here's what it looks like now:

For comparison, here is the one they used to have - I had the dark brown. I like the bumper and the crate pad, but the dark brown made that corner of my room look like a black hole:

And these are the other "nice" ones I was looking at. Truth be told, the quality of the sewing from Crate Covers and More is a better and the contrasting piping on the seams looks really nice, but Erin's Etsy shop (Marconimade) has a lot better prices and she will custom make in just about any fabric you like (you have hundreds of choices to choose from!).

Another little disclaimer - I do believe the Etsy shop I ordered from is a smoking household. I'm very sensitive to smoke smells, and so I had to spray with Febreze. I will probably also bring it outside to air out when we get a nice warm day. Not a deal breaker for me as the smell was really very faint, but just be aware if this is a big deal for you.