Hello -

I am new to the forum, but am already excited to see so many great posts and replies. What a great group! My one-year old Cavalier, Wilson, is a complete joy. We adore him. I now cannot imagine what we did before him!

For the last few months Wilson has had more than usual nasal discharge. When we brought the Christmas tree inside, the symptoms started almost immediately. He had some mucus draining from one side of his nose and the vet put him on antibiotics. He also had some brownish/watery discharge we found on our sheets. The mucus went away and he seems to be better. So we thought he was likely allergic to the Christmas tree. However, recently the brownish discharge is back. It's just a small water-looking stain but appears to happen when he is napping (or that's when we see it on the sheets). Does anyone know what this might be or what we should say when we take him to the vet?

Also, he has a few other recent symptoms like smacking his mouth quite a bit and recently trying to lick the air. Not sure if there are related, but thought I would mention that as well.

Thank you for any advice you all could share.