Misty's just had a strange and upsetting episode. I think it was related to her SM

She has been scratching more over the last few days, she's just increased to 150mg of Gabapentin three times a day, from 100mg because of it. Plus her Zitac, and her Carprieve twice a day.

She was sitting on my Hubby's lap, she had been for about five minutes, when she suddenly started yelping. She was just sitting there, he wasn't even touching her, he was on his laptop. She didn't stop or attempt to move, so I gently lifted her onto the floor. She stopped yelping, but was holding her front right paw out in front of her, and when she tried to get up she couldn't put it down. I petted her head, and she sat there quietly. The oven timer went off and I got up to turn it off, and Misty happily trotted after me.

She has never done anything like this before. I found it strange and scary. Listening to her yelping like that was horrible. Is this something I should tell her Neuro about? I'm worried that she's getting worse.