My little Rylie was also a going concern as a pup. For the most part I let the dogs work things out themselves. Max is very patient with him and one might think that Rylie is the dominant one but if Max doesn't feel like giving up his toy he will tell Rylie in no uncertain terms and that's that. They actually have a very interesting dynamic and they have worked it out themselves. If Max has something Rylie wants Rylie won't try and take it away anymore but will lick Max's face and mouth - it appears that he is trying to pester Max into giving up his treasure - sometimes he does - sometimes he doesn't lol. Rylie is a yeller also. He is also very smart though and learned pretty quickly that he does not get what he wants by yelling at me (not that he doesn't still try from time to time) Both of his balls got put away yesterday because he dropped them on my lapped and yelled for me to throw them when I was doing something else. I wouldn't be harsh with him but consistency is the key. At puppy class Rylie would have preferred to stay on my lap as well. I had to stand up during "play time". Don't let him be the boss. As long as the environment is safe put him down. As he got a bit older he became too friendly with other dogs and ended up getting put in his place a time or two. Now he has a healthy caution around big dogs and does not care for big puppies (who might want to use him as a toy) at all. I have a wonderful trainer who probably got me on the right track with Rylie because as a pup he would pretend he had "forgotten" something he'd been taught so I'd make it easier for him. I still remember in class one night when I thought he had forgotten the "down" command (in my defence he was still pretty young). My trainer was convinced he hadn't. She took him from me - stood on his leash so he had room to stand up - turn around etc. but not leave. She told him "down" once. He didn't do anything - she turned away and didn't acknowledge him at all (I would have repeated the command). Finally after about a minute or two he went down and she rewarded him lavishly. He gave her the dirtiest look I have ever seen from a Cavalier though. My trainer said he was calling her rude names lol! She only did that because she had seen him perform well for weeks and knew that he knew the command. She said he was training me and she was absolutely right. That was an aha moment for me in my dog training. Rylie could have easily been labelled a naughty dog (and he still does naughty things) but he is absolutely awesome and just oozes personality. He has only been trained with positive methods and I don't speak to him sternly or raise my voice. I'm not sure what to suggest about the barking. Both of my dogs bark more than Mindy ever did but they don't bark constantly by any stretch of imagination. Is he quiet long enough that you can reward him for being quiet? I'm of the opinion that punishment doesn't really work as well as rewarding good behaviour. I think it is important to make sure that both dogs have individual time with you.