Hello all
My 13 month old black and tan, Raven has shown scratching, chewing, licking and face rubbing/lolling symptoms plus an overall restlessness, worse in am and pm, textbook from what I've learned. An MRI is not an option and U.S. brand drugs are hard to get here in Ecuador.
With my research, I've learned that there are three goals: reduce CSF production, pain control and reduce inflammation. Please correct me if I am wrong.
For a "natural" substitute for corticosteriods I have learned that Dong Quai is an option.
For a natural anti inflammatory I found MSM.
For pain control there is Nature's Sunshine Nerve 8.
I have learned of Syrotab, a separate thing called "Syringo Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy" and something called "amyotrophy convalesence pill series" -- Does ANY one have any experience with any of these options???
We are desperate to get started, since the past two weeks have shown an increase in her symptoms. She does not appear to be in pain yet but it does wake her up sometimes and is also becoming more frequent during the daytime.
Thanks in advance,