Anyone any ideas??

The last 2 weeks ive noticed Sparky has had urine around his penis, belly, down his back legs & on his back feet.
I at first thought it was due to him lifting his leg very high when urinating & peeing on his belly - though this dosnt really explain his back legs & feet having urine on them.
I got our groomer at work to trim up his penis, belly & legs to see if it might just be the length of his hair (as I keep him long). This seemed ok for a day or two & then it returned so have ruled out the hair.
I took him to the vet & they gave me antibiotics incase it was a urine infection. The antibiotics finished today but nothing has changed.

Anyone else had this?

(Sparky is 4 years old & was neutered at 7 months if age, eats a raw diet & has always been very healthy)