Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and hoping some of you can offer some kind words, advice and give me some hope. Long story short, my new puppy was diagnosed with SM. I've had her just a matter of weeks and it's devastating to say the least. I noticed weirdness from the beginning and am very familiar with SM but just told myself I was being paranoid until she had a 20 second screaming episode that reduced me to tears. She hid from me until the next morning (scared that I inflicted the pain? or maybe still lost/in pain? Don't know). She's from a breeder that's been doing this for 20 years and does health testing. I did my research, but sometimes these things still happen. ;-(

So immediately, I got an appointment at a fantastic neurologist and sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed via MRI. I'm leaving out some important details as to not identify myself since I'll be contacting my pup's breeder and don't know if she browses these forums. I clearly want my vet bills refunded and half the price of the dog. I've had my pup barely a month and she's under six months old. I don't know if it's right to ask for the full cost of the dog plus the vet bills or what.

I'm absolutely at a loss and haven't been able to eat. This news terrifies me. For now, she's on two medicines that the neuro says can give her a "normal" life, but I'm concerned because I know SM doesn't get better. I also know surgery isn't a magic cure. She's just so young that it's heartbreaking.

I'm consulting with two surgeons to get other opinions based on her MRI as to what her treatment should be, but does anyone have experience with SM in puppies? At a total loss as to where to go from here.

Any support would be much appreciated.