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Have you heard back from your puppy's breeder yet.
Hi Davecav, just heard back from the breeder today and she was more concerned about why I drove four hours to Paris (and not somewhere more local). Well, because the best neuro vet in the country is in Paris, that's why. Anyway, she was shocked and says she's never had a dog with this (that she knows of) and wanted to see the diagnosis (which I sent). She seems to be in disbelief and will probably want the dog back if we want our money back. But that's not happening. If she continues to worsen and we choose to put her to sleep to let her be with the other Cav angels that have passed on, it's our choice. No way will I give her back to the breeder to possible suffer further (will be one of many dogs) just to get a few bucks. My pup's well-being and quality of life are leading the way for me right now and as soon as I can talk to Clare Rusbridge, I know I'll know the right course of action.