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    Tilly our 6 month Tri has been having a little bit of diarrhoea for around a week now. We are still struggling with house training, although she is getting better. This morning after she was let out of her crate, she pooped quite a lot on the kitchen floor and it took quite a lot of paper towels and wet wipes to clear it up. Shes always been a bit of a fussy eater and would always rather have what we are eating, but we try not to feed her too much 'human' food and she has her dry puppy food 3 times a day. I have started giving her some raw carrots now and then, is this likely to have caused the diarrhoea? I have read that boiled chicken and rice helps, but i have never boiled chicken before, any tips on how to cook it, and what sort of rice would be best to use, is plain white boiled rice ok? She seems her normal self, other than her having runny poop, should i be worried?

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    The problem is that sometimes even a little bit of human food can cause issues. Some dogs just have sensitive tummy's.

    For the chicken, just take some boneless, skinless chicken breast and cut it into bit size pieces and throw into water and boil it till it's cooked and no longer pink. And yes, white boiled rice. Many times this will clear up the problem. I would say if she isn't better in a day or two, or at least on the way to having firm poop, I'd take her to the Vet.

    She might have just gotten ahold of something she shouldn't have, indoors or outdoors.
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