I went to the pet expo here in Sydney last weekend and at a second hand stall I bought a book for 10 cents about the telepathic and psychic abilities of dogs. In the book, one person mentioned that dogs can sense mental illness. Well my mother is in town because my grandmother passed away (my mother has avoided assessment all of her life) but she shows signs of Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Dissociative personality disorder (split personality).

When I take Bella for walks and she spots someone 200m up the road she goes crazy pulling on the lead because she desperately wants to meet them. Then she jumps up and licks them to death. Now when I introduced Bella to my mother yesterday, Bella completely ignored my mother. It was like my mother wasn't there! Then I put Bella in my mother's arms and she strained and struggled to get away. Apparently people with mental illness emit pheromones that smell similar to fear.

I then took Bella and my mother to the dog park, and all of the dogs there kept ignoring her, and a malamute (yes a malamute) kept barking! When the owner said "Ready to go home?" the two malamutes raced over to him.

What I want to know is:

Does anyone else have stories like this?