Elton's MRI did show "mild CM" BUT I do think a lot of his scratching is allergies. I changed food and he's doing better with scratching but his neurologist keeps mentioning that he wants him to refer him to dermotologist.

I know that will not be covered and with his vomiting costing almost $400 last week for fluids and blood work (normal) and still have not got claim $ back from MRI, I'm not sure if it's worth it. Don't get me wrong, if it will help him or if people think its necessary I will go. What would they do? Allergy testing? Food allergies might be easy (I think he's allergic to salmon) but environmental, some things you can't change.

I remember Ella's vet saying she probably was allergic to grass. Well that was SM and increased scratching on lead BUT if Elton is allergic to grass what can you do?

He is still fly catching and tail chasing which I showed videos to neurologist. Tail chasing has not improved but fly catching some with gabapentin.

What do you suggest?