Oh Anne! Sweet Elton and all his issues. I know it must be hard, but bless you for caring for him so deeply! You are a good momma, and with all your own personal issues too!

Wow Kelsey, great info....little Brooklyn is also a trooper. Hard to believe all she has been through, and now the allergy trials. But at least you are getting some answers. Hard to believe she is so high allergic to MOTH's!!! But glad you have an answer and can control it.

Anne, I was wondering why you can't get the allergy stuff covered by your insurance? But, I certainly do understand that if finances are thin, there is only so much you can do. So even though the neurologist made the suggestion, it's not him paying the bill. I know how important Elton is to you, and I know you will do everything humanly possible to keep him healthy and happy. Don't feel guilty about waiting it out a bit while you wait for the insurance money from the first tests to come back.

For now, you need to concentrate on getting well yourself! Elton needs a well momma. Hugs and prayers Anne!