Hi everyone. I just joined the community and was hoping to get some feedback on SM. I have a beautiful CKC named Scarlett that just turned 5. Sadly, my cousin's CKC just passed away suddenly. Apparently, the dog had been in pain for a month or so, but they didn't realize he had SM until it was too late. I have now been doing a lot of research and can't believe how many cavaliers have this issue. My vet has never brought it up before or asked us about symptoms. I had noticed recently that Scarlett has been scratching a lot on one side of her body - particularly when I'm petting her/brushing her and when we go on walks. I just assumed the leash was bothering her. I thought it was strange, but figured it could wait until our next vet visit. After watching some of these videos I am very concerned, but don't know if I am being overly paranoid.

I don't think she has any other symptoms other than the scratching - she does roll around and rub her face occasionally, but that can also be regular dog behavior. I'm curious to know what made some of you go to your vet to discuss SM or get the MRI. Any insight/advice you have is appreciated. Thanks!