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Bijoux is a very pretty King Charles who has been used for breeding and never socialised. Bijoux is making very very slow progress. She is in a wonderful and very understanding foster home and there is no urgency in moving her but we dont want Bijoux to become a long term foster we really want her to find the home that suits her needs. Bijoux is very scared of people and needs to get to know you in her own time. She gets on great with the 2 male dogs she is in foster with. She is unsure of cats. There is no badness whatsoever in this girl. She needs a home where she can progress and grow in confidence and where nothing is expected of her. She has learned to go for a spin in the car without completely freaking out, getting a lead on her is still a work in progress. She is more or less housetrained. She lets Jane cuddle her sometimes. She even enjoys to be brushed. But only sometimes. Tel: 0863457488