I haven't posted in a while, to be honest I just couldn't face it. I find reading people's threads about health/SM really difficult now. I'm struggling to cope emotionally at the moment, I seem to do nothing but worry and have dreams that I'd sooner forget.

I'm having trouble with Murphy, which is unusual as he's always been the picture of health. He's just not been himself lately, he was treated for a sore back in November, which he seemed to get over pretty well, the vet thought he'd pulled a muscle as he was very quiet, off he food, and had spasms when you touched his back. Over the last week or so he's just been quieter, he's choosing to lay on the floor rather than with us on the furniture, his leg licking has increased(he's been a leg licker for a year or two). And he just seems a little "down", he was off his food a day last week, so we had him in to get his glands checked and a general check. At the time the vet ask if he normally sat so hunched, but we said no, we put it down to him being at the vets.

Yesterday though I noticed the spasms were back when you touched his middle back area, so back to the vets we go. He on Metacam and in for x-rays on Friday. The vet checked his reflexes, and reactions whilst we were in, and said they seem fine. However, he asked me if he had any other behaviour changes lately, and the one things that popped into my mind is he's grumpy with Misty. He's been growling at her more and more if she's trying to get up beside him or our lap, or the couch. I'm wondering if this has been because he's sore? I actually had to split them up earlier after they started fighting over a Kong, this has never happened in three years.

The vets said he could just have tweeked his back jumping off furniture, or it could be degenerative disk disease. I did mention SM, as he leg licks, and likes a good head rub in the mornings, but he wants to see if the x-rays show anything first. I'm trying not to worry, but of course I can't help myself.

I'm already stressed out over Misty as it is, as her scratching has increased a lot, she is especially sensitive down her right side of her neck, and she's lost some of her spark too. I called Glasgow about it, unfortunately Allison isn't there at the moment, but spoke to a lovely man called Jacques. I was really surprised when he mentioned Misty's MRI had showed a small amount of fluid on the brain, as this was never mentioned. He went on to say that the scratching is harder to manage that the pain at times, as Gabapentin doesn't decrease it. He did say it was possible the fluid had increased, and this was maybe causing her scratching to increase. He's put her on a course of steroids to see if they help and I've to call back and speak to Allison when she's back next week.

I can hand on heart say I will never, ever own another Cavalier. I love my two so much, but my heart breaks when I look at Misty, and I do nothing but worry over whether she is comfortable or not. I couldn't stand to go through it all again. I'm just hoping whatever this is with Murphy is nothing serious.