At the weekend I noticed that Harleys left eye was watery but it didnít look like an infection but it seemed smaller from time to time. Then it seemed ok again. I took him to the vets on Monday night and they put dye in the eye and there were no scratches or ulcers, he also took something that looked like tweezes to have a look under his lower eyelid. Nothing. No infection either. I ask the vet if it could be the medication he is on, he looked it up and said that no side effects like this are recorded with Lyrica. The vet said to keep an eye on it. Also when it was watery it had a funny strong smell to it. Ebonys eyes smell like that but she got no problems.

It doesnít seem to be getting better so I am seeing the eye specialist tomorrow. I am so worried poor Harley has been through so much last year he really could do with a break and so could I.