Bosco has had SM for the last 4 years and we treat him with Lyrica which has kept things under control. I have been out of the country on holidays for the last 10 days, and when we were on a stopover on the way home in Dubai we got a frantic call from our son to tell us Bosco was very sick. Not the news we wanted to hear. Anyway, the upshot is that my son had found Bosco hiding in the understairs cupboard, unable to move, lying on his side, with his head tilted at an unusual angle. He picked him up and managed to get him on his feet, but Bosco needed to support his left side when he tried to walk, and the left side of his head was lowered, with the right eye bulging. He got him straight to the vet, who said it sounded like Bosco had had something similar to a stroke, and called it a vestibular episode. Bosco stayed in the vets for 2 nights, was treated with steroids, had nothing show up in his bloods apart from raised white blood count and is home now, eating, drinking as normal. He is quieter than usual, and is spending a lot of time in his crate.
Do you think that this could be connected to his SM, or could it be something else? It might have been an epileptic fit, but he wasn't observed fitting, I'm not sure what questions I need to ask, or what to do next, if anything. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.