I have been meaning to post on this for awhile now. When my cav, Butters, was neutered in January, we were concerned about putting him in his crate with the Elizabethan collar. We looked for alternatives on the Internet and came across the BiteNot collar. It proved to be a great product! It prevented him from reaching his stitches and he was a pretty happy pup in it.

The collar fits comfortably on the neck, settling between the shoulders to behind the ears. It is very similar to a human C-spine collar in design. It has foam padding on the underside and firm plastic provides the central support. It is held together by velcro centrally, and there is an adjustable snap-together strap that runs behind the front legs so that the doggie can't pull it off. Putting it on and off was very easy, and did not frighten or bother Butters. There are many sizes available with very easy to understand sizing instructions. For him, we ordered the 4 x 18 and it was a perfect fit at age 7 months. Butters didn't even notice it was there and was able to sleep, eat, walk (indoors and outdoors), and chew on his bones comfortably. He made no fuss while wearing it in his crate. It made the recovery from his neutering a breeze! Additionally, the collar was fairly affordable ($26.99 plus $8.06 on Amazon).

I did not like was it was a bit heavy (but similar in weight to the Elizabethan collar). This was only a problem for him when he first came home after the surgery. Putting it on him that evening, he was falling over while sitting! Once the anesthesia wore off, this was no longer a problem. Just a caution in the hours after surgery Also, this would not be as good as the Elizabethan collar for cavs who are having foot/leg surgery. Butters was still able to lick his paws and legs with the collar on.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product for the recovery after neutering or spaying! Here are some photos of Butters modeling the BiteNot collar

Butters wearing his BiteNot collar and watching Daddy shovel by LSidari, on Flickr

BiteNot model by LSidari, on Flickr

My little model by LSidari, on Flickr