Over the last two weeks I have taken all four to the Vets for an anal gland check and a physical as I was
concerned with a couple of issues with them but all turned out OK .They all go to the groomers on Sat so
every night I have been giving them a good once over so lastly it was Rosie s turn I called and pointed to
sit by me she very reluctantly came over with a few whimpers but curled up head right down ,so I gently
whispered in her ears while i combed her ears then picked her up slowly to put her on her back as we always do
but def no she let out a lot of whimpers and yelped and jumped back on her bed .Oh no here we go again
OK see if she will follow me downstairs and jump outside ,yes to both so jump back in and come upstairs yes
then a reluctant yes but I had to lift her on the bed whi or impactedch she has ow jumped off and is under the bed .

My thoughts ,I know she has CM diag by full MRI by Martin D but she shows no sign of it nor pain and after
someweeks of crate rest she is back to chasing Pops and her ball ,her scan was 18 moths ago so back
to the vets with an idea of another back disc problem which showed up in the MRI or her anal glands had not
been done properly.I am happy it is nothing to do with SM but could be her CM playing up I dont know but we will
check her back then her glands then a rethink and last week after they were all checked I thought good well I know
the girl are all ok ,What a hope .
Thoughts or comments please

Today a nice old man.an ex retired deep sae captain , who lived on his own his wife died five years ago ,he was found dead today how awful the poor fella to pass away all alone ,and Dawns brother who lives in ST Austell Cornwall he goes in hosp for a day on Thurs then back
in Sun the a heart triple bypass monday ,it really gets to you and work has gone quiet as on Fri a job in Colwyn Bay finished
and we had to send six of our good lads home on garden leave ,unpaid of course