We have an appointment with Mr Marsden who she saw 10 days ago so I will mention her anal glands and disc problem .When she saw Martin D at Chestergates it was Oct 2010 she also had a full MRI then. He gave me a CD disc with all her images on so I shall take that with me together with a copy of Martins report ,I am fussy about keeping paperwork ,he mentioned then that with Rosie "The MRI findings were consistent with intervertebral disc diseases at L6/L7 likely to be Hansen Type 1 but poss Type 2" and recommended room/crate rest and no jumping also Rimadyl 10mg for 28 days .So we shall see and if needed I will ask for another referral ,yet this morning she seemed back to normal and even let me carefully flip her on her tummy with no sound or appearence of being uncomfortable ,I wonder if Cartrophen injections might help I shall ask .

Just going back to Martins report he further commented "The scans revealed a moderate elongation of the cerebellar uvula which mildly protruded through the foramen magnum (Chiari-like malformation) which,in Rosie's case is not associated with the formation of Syringohydromyelia "is he saying in other words this is the phrase that has recently seemed so popular ie mild CM ?

Yet shortly after this if we view my little Ruby she is always the instigator of chasing our Pops as can be seen in the video below taken last July ,this little girl suffering with back problems she can ceratinly motor .I have ordered some steps and if they dont use them I might ,and Dawn is keeping a strict watch on her while I am at work .


The enigma that is Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ?????????????
I felt so sorry for the old neighbour who passed on yesterday to think being a deep sea ships captain and the places he has been to
and the people he has met and yet his last minutes on this earth he was all on his own ,how sad.RIP