I joined this forum in 2007 to get some help with my Cav Frodo and it is with a very heavy heart that I say we lost him today. I was posting on here recently in the SM section because I thought maybe its what he had. He started yelping badly about three weeks ago and several trips to the vets later, we were left with a mountain of bills, confusion, and several bottles of pills to give him. Frodo had a bad heart, an eye condition, and something was making him sick recently. I'm not sure what we could have done, but on Tuesday seemed like he was back to normal. He was happy and running and greeting us. Yesterday he wouldn't stop drinking water, last night he was throwing up, and today he wouldn't even move on his own and his eyes kept rolling back. I sat with him all day until someone else came home and then not ten minutes after I left the room to do some evening things, he passed away on our couch, curled up in blankets. I'll miss him to pieces and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me over the years with my crazy questions, and to everyone who helped me the past week or two when we were trying to figure out what was going on with him. Here's a picture of Frodo and I from several years ago:


Like all Cavaliers he was a loving, fun, adorable puppy. I very clearly remember the day we got him - our Beagle Sarah had recently passed and my dad took me and my sister to the local Humane Society to see if we could find a puppy. Frodo, I noticed, was following me back and forth from behind the glass of his viewing room, and then we started playing. I would run and crouch down and he hop over and paw at the glass to find me. I knew he was the one.

He snored a lot, he barked a lot, and he chased the heck out of our cat like a punk. He was also great at going into peoples purses and finding money! I'm rambling, but thank you for reading and I hope I can come back to this forum some day with tales of a new Cavalier.