Hello Everyone,
As some of you may know I do not own a cavalier. I have been looking for a breeder out there who actually follows both SM and MVD protocols, I understand this is an UP HILL battle for me and I may never find this breeder but my search continues...

Anyway in the mean time I have volunteered to work with 2 big rescue groups of CKCS. Well I was informed that there is a pretty good sized Cavalier show going on next weekend like 20 mins from my house. I really want to go I have been to other dog shows before but never a Cavalier Show. So I'm looking for any advice need to know about attending the show. I would LOVE to be able to meet some owners and their dogs but I don't want to be rude. I'm pretty outgoing and have no trouble chatting with people. One rescue group is going to have a table set up during the show and my state rep is going to be there so I can meet her in person. Anyway, I'm a little nervous I don't wanna end up being the crazy cavalier dog show freak. Any tips???????