Hi everyone,
i havnt posted for a while but have been stopping by to read/catch up sometimes! I find it hard to read so many of the posts about our poorly cavs& get too upset to visit often-sorry,i just dont handle it well, with our ruby having every cav illness,poor love.

Well today was rubys vaccs& general check up, she's ok all considering & her heart seems no worse& her lungs are clear-thank the Lord.However we had been to her fab eye consultant 2weeks ago & her (dry)eyes have deteriorated again,she's gone back to a zero reading on "schimer"??tests when 6months ago she had 7 & 15,so we're to go back in 6weeks instead of the normal 6mths.I have every faith in Gary Lewin at Ripon,he has worked miracles on her these past few years.heres some progress pics going back to our 1st visit to him up to more recent-

Now thats better!
She looks like the last pic most of the time but does close her eyes quite often& any tiredness really shows,in the last few days she's rubbed her left eye a couple of times so we can only hope Gary can work his magic again
So whilst at vets today i was talking to him about Jellys allergies & that some mornings recently she has got up with "smushy" eyes,he had a look, did the Schimer test on her eyes & yup J's got dry eye too....she's the real baby of the family,not quite 3 yet,im gutted cos those pics will tell you i already know way too much about the condition.Her's read 18(okish)& 8(really not good).A bad reading is below 15 but in a healthy eye it should be 20-25.Rubes already had bad eyes when she came to me& it took a long time to get her any improvement,she once kept her eyes closed for 2weeks solid(those of you with good memories will recall!)On the positive Im praying we've caught it early enough in jels case....on the downside my poor poor baby& with rubys going backwards at the moment my hearts breaking for them both.

If youre still reading please please watch your little ones eyes,any "sleep"more than a little in the corners,or across the eyeball thats thick& white be wary,as our vet said i know what to look for so brought it to his attention vv quickly.There were no more signs- her eyes are still beautiful& shiny,not sore looking in any way.
Thanks for reading