Hello, I thought it would be good if we were to start by introducing ourselves.

My Cavalier is called Molly, she turned 3 on monday and she has been with me, her devoted slave, since September.

We were looking for a rescue dog that would be ok with our two cats and hadn't had much luck. Thankfully the rescue centre called us to advise that they had a Cavalier King Charles come in who had lived with cats previously, would we like to go and meet her? We did and fell instantly in love, she has such a beautiful little face

One week later we were taking her home, we have not had a day of trouble with her since. I was fully expecting a few teething troubles, maybe some separation anxiety, nervousness, toileting issues. No, not a thing. Ok so we did take a full month introducing her gradually to the cats, and we took our time making sure we gradually built up any time she would be left alone but still she has been fantastic.

She is on a bit of a diet as she was nearly 15Kg when we picked her up, she is now down to 11Kg and has found a new love of walks. We have to be quite strict as she would, given the opportunity, eat until she burst. We give her food in a treat ball to slow down her eating a bit, and keep her entertained. This does seem to work although you do have to put up with her bouncing it off the walls, the furniture, our ankles and the cats.

If anyone has any low fat/ calorie treat recipes they want to share I would be most grateful, we do training with her twice a day and as she is watching her weight I like to make my own treats for her so that I know exactly what she is getting.

I will try and post some pictures of her as soon as I have worked out how to get them off my phone and onto the pc.

Looking forward to talking to you all