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Thread: SM and Mangosteen juice

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    Default SM and Mangosteen juice

    [COLOR=#454545]I've been doing some research on mangosteen juice[COLOR=#222222], since my hubby and I both drink it to help with joint and pain and flexibility (his knees and my back) it is definitely helping us, he's been able to completely stop taking his NSAIDS. It turns out it's been used a fair bit in animals and helped with things from degenerative discs in daschunds to hip dysplasia in larger dogs.

    {admin: with what verification?}

    The testimonials say it helps with allergies and skin and coat health as well. There is nothing there about SM, but since the major premise of mangosteen is as a natural anti inflammatory, I wonder if it may help some with SM symptoms. I intend to start Winston on it as a precaution if nothing else. [ Has anyone tried it?

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    I am sorry but I don't allow this kind of linking and advertising for products particularly if they have not been properly trialed via the standard and well established double-blind clinical trial system.

    SM is also not an inflammatory disease in the sense referred too. It is a neurological condition.

    Many people have gone down the route of paying huge amounts of money for online products including some supposed to help with SM. If you visit the human SM sites you can see how many people try such things at great expense and find they do nothing. As many human sufferers say: if something -- *anything* -- would help even in small part this horrible disease, would it not be widely promoted by doctors and sufferers?

    I have spent a lot of time doing extensive research on many of these companies behind these offerings and in every case have found every hallmark of online scam artists who used faked testimonials including claims from supposed doctors who do not seem to exist. Often they run a number of similar sites offering a different (but actually the same) product under different names for different conditions and all the same testimonials are there from people who are always labeled 'Mike L.' or Sasha P.' so they are totally untraceable.

    I write about technology and the online world as my day job and have a lot of interest in the spam kings and fake merchants -- most have fake 'offices' hiding behind PO boxes in weird countries once you start searching down the trail...

    Anyway if anyone wishes to discuss further they can make contact via PM but am closing the thread and would NOT encourage people to try anything on a dog without fully clearing with their vet/neurologist for potential drug conflicts or poisons (things that are OK for humans to eat can kill dogs or make them very ill, as can substances that you cannot verify in online products -- you cannot tell what goes into these things and lab test research shows most do NOT have what they claim).

    I know people are trying to do their best but I cannot allow anything potentially risky or an unknown, clinically untested product to be promoted. Thanks for understanding.
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