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Thread: Ruby has a tumour :-(

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    Default Ruby has a tumour :-(

    Hi Folks,
    Ruby (5 1/2 years old) refused to continue her walk the other day and she's just been a bit off lately, so she was taken to the vet for an x-ray as they suspected she has a heart murmur.
    Well, turns out she does have a murmur, as I had prepared for - but the vet also found a tumour/(tumor), which I was not expecting at all.
    The vet thinks that it's in her lungs but he's not quite sure. I wasn't able to speak to the vet - my mother collected her from the vet - so I'm going to call up to see him in the coming days to find out what our options are.

    Could somebody help me to understand this please?
    What is the likelihood of this tumour being cancerous?
    What are the chances of it being fatal?
    What is involved in getting to the bottom of the issue?
    How much will the whole thing cost?

    I know there are no definite answers to all of the above, but just ball parks would be a help.

    I suffer from anxiety and this certainly isn't helping matters! :-(

    Thanks guys.

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    So sorry to hear that there's a health concern with Ruby.
    Your vet will probably need to do more investigations,xrays,blood tests and perhaps an ultrasound or biopsy.
    None of these are cheap I'm afraid.
    It may be inflammation or infection too,it's just impossible to say.
    Ideally,you'll need to arrange a visit with your vet,have a look at the xrays with them and discuss what needs to be done and an estimated cost.
    The fact that she is poorly suggests it needs to be investigated quickly and give her pain relief if she's uncomfortable.
    My Daisy had liver cancer at the end of last year,investigations as described above were approx 1800.
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    Just wondering if you have an update on Ruby.
    Cindy and Claire
    Claire was born on Feb7, 2010


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