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    I have a couple of questions on sensitive tummy problems, Jasper who is nearly 12 years old had a bad attack of colitis with sickness about a year ago which resulted in a vet visit, since then he has a sensitive tummy, I have spoken to the vet about it last year and he recommended a probiotic that you sprinkle of his food which I have been using once a day, he said also it was probably his age, he for a few months has had to get up in the night to do a poo, even though he has 2 good walks a day, it seems he just can`t hold on. I have just changed him to Chappie dog food as I read it was good for sentitive tummies, he has improved a little, but I am wondering if it is a good food to keep him on permanently. Secondly Ollie my younger cavalier who is nearly 2 yrs old seems to have quite loose stools at the moment, he is on James Wellbeloved chicken and rice and also a small amount of chappie or other tinned or fresh chicken, it seems to me that JWB is upsetting him, he was on Royal Canin and used to be fine, bit surprised if it is JWB as it is supposed to be hypoallergenic etc. I feel I need to take him of it, has anyone had any experience with sensitive tummies and what dried food would they recommend. Forgot to say that Jasper is a fussy eater so I can`t give him dried food, where as Ollie will eat anything.
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