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Thread: Cavalier good news:) -- for all good news!

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    Default Cavalier good news:) -- for all good news!

    Gus went for his last cartrophen injection in a course of 4 (one per week).

    He is doing very well. The vet told us she would recommend he have them once a month now to keep the disc degeneration as stable as possible.

    She said he can use the stairs again in a week though not to excess.
    She listened to his heart again, and again said how surprised she is to see a cavalier with such a good heart and lungs, she said his heart sounds perfect,( she was the one that noticed Pippin's murmur and arranged his ECG and doppler scan last year).

    She hugged Gus, smiled and told him we will get to see him grow old He is 10 and 4 months now.

    I am so pleased to get good news and have something to look forward to with him.
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