What a night, we had to rush Misty into the vets just over an hour ago

She's had an upset belly today, nothing too serious, her poo was a little runny, so I never gave her any tea tonight. About seven she started fretting, and then the explosive diarrhea started. It was nearly pure water, and was just shooting out of her, and then she started being sick too. We let her settle on the couch, on top of a waterproof bedcover I keep for times like these, I glanced down and there was a small pool of blood on the sheet. I know from Murphy's sensitive stomach that, the bright red stuff is supposed to be nothing to worry about, rather than dark blackish stuff, but blood is blood. I called our vets, but it went to voicemail, so I left a message and got dressed(had been in my jammies). When I came downstairs again, it was just dribbling out of her, I called the vets again but it still rang to voicemail. So in desperation I called our old vets

We had left them last year after they wouldn't listen to my fears of SM, but I really didn't want to risk waiting for our new vets to call back. Misty was becoming distressed and whimpering under her breath. He was a little reluctant to see her as he was missing her history, but he said if I brought her medication in he'd have a look at her. He says she's got Hemorrhagic Diarrhea. She's pink enough, and at the moment isn't dehydrated, so he has given her anti-biotics, and sent her home with electrolyte satchets, and some Hills ID to try her on once she starts keeping down fluids. If she doesn't take the fluids we've to take her into our vets asap, but if she does take them, we've to try a tea spoon of food tomorrow at tea time.

What a scare we got. Poor Misty is just lying in her bed in the kitchen, she seems done in. I've to try her with some electrolytes now, I'm just hoping she takes them and keeps them down.