This past week, my husband and I bought Butters his first pair of socks.

At first, he thought they were nice new chew toys. Before we could even get them on him, he had taken them off of the table and made a little sock nest

Butters first experience with the socks by LSidari, on Flickr

After we finally got them on him, he sulked for a bit

Finally I get him to wear them! He doesn't seem to happy at first by LSidari, on Flickr

However, he warmed right up to them after we threw a moose antler into the deal!

The socks aren't so bad when you get a moose antler out of it! by LSidari, on Flickr

He really has been enjoying running around and playing in his new socks. They help keep him from slipping on the hardwood floors, and have been helping keep his paws clean when he chews his bully sticks