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Thread: Overweight and weak tummy

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    Default Overweight and weak tummy

    Hello all

    It has been along time since I logged on to site...forgot what a good site it is. Molly my lovley Ruby girl is now two and have had alot of trips to the vet with tummy problems. Poor pet gets sick at night on a regualr basis so she was put on hills id over a year ago, she still gets sick every few weeks and has accident in the kitchen. She has started to put on alot of weight which I dont understand as she is only fed the right amount of hills id and gets lots of walking.
    . Just wondering if anyone has had similar probs as I feel so bad that she is gaining weight.
    Vet has told me now to mix hills ID and RD and see how she goes

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    Gosh, I have no idea but I just wanted to say that I hope you find out soon! When you say she is getting sick at night, is she throwing up or having diarrhoea?

    Have you thought about food allergies? Just my opinion, but Hills does not have the best ingredients in it either. Vets recommend it because it is a vet food, but there is much better out there if her issues are food or intestine/colon related.

    Has she had a full blood work up? I would suggest that as a starting point to look for thyroid, autoimmune, all of those things. What else....ummm, has she been looked at for colitis?

    Others might have some good ideas as well. I know there was a pup on here a while back who had stomach issues and was getting sick a lot and was diagnosed with colitis and maybe something else. She switched to a dehydrated raw food called Ziwi Peak and that helped her dog a TON. But that was just her...trying to think of something for you!


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