My little Lady’s body was no longer able to hold her enormous spirit, so we set it free last week.
Anybody who took the time to know her (or me!) knows how special a dog she was. She was my true and loyal friend for 13 years. She was my confidante, my private secretary, my lady-in-waiting, the soul of discretion and.... my boss. She agreed with me on absolutely everything, except if it meant she couldn’t be in the same room as me. The permanently scratched kitchen door bears the evidence. Whenever I was depressed, she knew exactly what to do..............she never offered advice or suggested I look on the bright side. She just lay by my feet and told me there was nowhere else on earth that she would rather be.
I never thought when I named her Lady that she would live up to the nobility of her name, but she surpassed it. We had recently taken to calling her the Dowager, to describe her characteristic gravitas.
I am consoled by the fact that she has never known hunger or pain, just love and laughter. Nor did she ever know death.