I feel my three are taking turns at the vets these days!

DJ was scooting earlier this evening (7.30) and then trying to 'dart way' from his rear end. He has been fine all day and playing, eating etc as normal.

I decided to take a look and he has an anal gland abscess

How come they never complain until it's too late!? I called the vet and got an appointment for tomorrow morning and have bathed it and given him a painkiller to make him comfortable. It seems to have burst but is only a tiny hole and is pink, not red. I feel so bad for missing it and guilty that it burst before I even knew he had it!

This happened the same way with Pippin twice before and I now give them all bran every morning with their breakfast, which works wonders for Pippin and Gus but must not have for DJ. We have him four years now and this is the first time he's had problems with his glands. He is due for annual check up next month and would have had them checked then as routine. Thankfully he hasn't needed to go there since last years check up. Maybe Gus told him that they have redecorated and there is now free biscuits at the counter after consult

Seriously though I hate when they are not well, but know it can be fixed and could be worse but still feel bad