Hello i'm really just after a bit of advice if anyone can help me, I have a 15 week old cavalier pup called belle, on Friday when we woke up belle had diareoah(sp) and then vomited once. We imediatly took her to the vet who said she had caught a bug and gave her antibiotics.

The next day belle was still very sleepy and didn't have much food. The day after thou she was on her feet but was moving about as if she was drunk and was struggling to balance, so we went back to the vet and he said that she had SM, me and my girlfriend researched alot about SM and belle wasn't showing any kinds of symptoms at all, and through alot of research I understand that not all symptoms are shown and some cavaliers have it more servere then others but from the lists we've found she doesn't have a single symtom.

The next day belle was still a bit wobbly and the day after that (yesterday) belle seems to be back to 100%. We live in Sunderland, north east of England and I was wondering if anyone on this forum could recomend a vet in the north east who has experience with cavaliers because I feel the vet has just looked at the breed and diagnosed belle due to it being extremely common among cavaliers.

Thanks for any help