The fluid tablets were for the fluid build up on her brain apparently?? This happened so quickly we were shocked that 2days before we had a healthy puppy and now we were being told that she would need to be put down the vets primary advice was to take her back to where we bought her and swap her for a new one!!! But then he finished the sentence with we all know what will happen if you do!! By this point my partner was in tears thinking we had to put her to sleep and now she is back to normal imagine if we did she is a well loved part of the family and life would never be the same without her. We are however worried if this reoccurs so far we have seen two vets and one definitely diagnosed am and the other suspects sm my partner argued that it may be an ear infection affecting her balance but the vet just lifted her ears up looked at the creases but not inside with any kind of medical tool or took any swabs I do hope we find a vet experienced with cavaliers as at the moment were beginning to loose faith in vets as the seem to blanket diagnose all cavs regardless of age of symptoms