Hi everyone! Lady and I are new to the site. I put a few pictures up because just way to cute to actually exist. I love her. She's 4.5 months old and I got her when she was 13 weeks.

Warning - this post is probably gonna be gross. It's about poop. I'm assuming everyone is more than familiar with all kinds of poops.

The vet says she's in excellent health overall. Good eyes, teeth, heart, etc. BUT she has a very sensitive tummy. When I first brought her home, the breeder had been feeding her some kind of lamb based dry kibble. I switched her to Orijen puppy food which is supposed to be this really awesome, all natural all meat grain-free dry food of chicken, turkey, salmon and halibut. But her poops, which were dark brown and solid never got back to being that way. At first she had very runny diarrhea, and it's gotten back to semi-solid, but still mushy. The vet suggested I switch her to a bland diet for a week of JUST boiled chicken and rice, which I did. That seemed to help a bit. Then I slowly switched her from the c/r to a chicken and brown rice based kibble. Which at first she reacted to better than Orijen, but now she is back to mushy, golden colored poos! I am getting a little concerned here. I also have been seeing scooting...

I have been giving her LOTS of water to avoid dehydration. She gets plenty of exercise (I walk her about an hour a day, and/or take her to the park and run around with her). She's had all her shots and oral de-worming medication.

The last time I took her to the vet to talk about the scooting and to make sure it wasn't worms. It wasn't worms, but he did have to drain her anal glands (charming).

I took her to the vet yesterday for the same thing, and they did the draining (said the glands were moderately full and that was good timing for me to come in). Today: she's scooting still AND has diarrhea. Omg! What the heck!

Vet suggests I switch her to Nature something Limited Ingredient chicken and sweet potato only kibble.

But really? What is going on?? I don't want my little stinker to be uncomfortable w/ diarrhea...that can't be fun for her! (And it's DEF not fun for me. Ever tried to pick up runny poo on a lawn?)