We got up this morning to a utility room awash with watery diarrhoea and blood (even up the walls) and a very very poorly Minnie. Luckily our vets was open first thing so got the first available appointment. However in the hour that we were waiting to go she deteriorated very quickly and by the time we got to the vets she could not even sit up. She was admitted as her temperature was very low and she was extremely dehydrated. They put her on a drip and gave her antibiotics as she had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). Not sure what was causing it, but as our Vets is not manned 24 hours, they wanted to stablilise her and run bloods before transferring her to the Emergency Hospital. We went and picked her up at midday and took her drip and all to the Emergency Hospital.

The vets at are EH are usually French, and the one we saw was absolutely marvellous. Minnie had lots of tests done, some more bloods were taken and she was X-Rayed in case she had a foreign body. The upshot at the moment is that she has Pancreatitis, not sure if it has been caused by something bacterial or viral or that there maybe something else going on. She was severly dehydrated and they are still trying to maintain her fluids. Her white cell count is up, but her protein levels are very low (or something like that) whatever that is, is not how it would normally occur, so they are having to be careful about bringing her fluid level up too quickly. We were allowed to stay with her the whole time and every step was fully explained to us. Her X-ray showed a very swollen stomach and also lots of nasty stuff still to come through her colon, but no obvious blockage. When we left her we felt we were leaving her in very good hands.

I have just spoken to the Vet and so far Minnie is holding her own. She is still dehydrated, but about to start her next lot of i/v antibiotics. She has apparently been out for a couple of wee's and managed to walk back in. She is starting to give little tail wags as well - so so far so good.

Right off now to do some reading up on Pancreatitis and if anyone else has had any similar experiences would love to hear from you.