My crazy puppy is doing laps around the apartment as I write this...smh. She's so cute...mostly...

Ok, here are my questions:

1) Eye goop - Lady has a fair amt of discharge around her eyes, especially in the mornings. I've just been wiping the area with a warm paper towel (was advised not to use antibiotic treatments, especially since she's so young, but also because they just treat the symptom not the cause). Her mom had the same problem as a pup but grew out of it. The vet clipped the hair in that area short so it wouldn't build up so much, which helps in that sense but there's still plenty of weeping happening there. Anybody else have this problem? And do they grow out of it like the breeder seems to think?

2) Hiccups? Every now and then she seems to get the hiccups. Is that normal?? She also coughs every now and then like a cat hacking up a hairball. It's not charming.

3) This is by far the most disgusting thing she's ever done, but she started eating her poop a few days ago. She was having runny poos (much better now that I switched her to lamb kibble instead of chicken!) but she was interested in eating them. Gross. She had one poop in the apartment that she ate before I could clean it up. Normally she doesn't poo in the apartment, nor would she eat it....and a few days ago when she was off leash in my bf's backyard, we caught her eating her poop. SO gross and it can't be good for her, right? I told her "leave it" which she knows. In the apt I've been keeping a close eye on her...she's more or less potty trained so when I take her out for a bathroom break I don't give her the chance to eat her poo.

4) Lastly she scarfs her food. Is that a choking hazard?? She actually inhales her food, I swear. Does that mean I'm not feeding her enough or is she just a fast eater by nature?