Misha had borderline tears about 3 years ago. He was put on Optimmune which he did well on for a year. It went off the market for a long time so we tried compounded cyclosporine and tacrolimus which he reacted badly to. His eyes looked worse on those two then off them. I discontinued treatment and he's had normal tears for 2 years. His eyes recently started looking bad again so I took him to the regular vet. His tears were well within normal range, so they gave me Antibiotic/Steroid drops and he looked great. After discontinuing drops, his eyes looked bad again.

I then took him to the opthalmologist. They said he has dry eye again and so we brought home Optimmune which is thankfully back on the market. His eyes look terrible. They are red, swollen and full of discharge (1 week after treatment). He is also on Refresh Celluvisc without preservative (a tear replacement) 4-6 times daily. I called the opthalmologist and the student handling the case said there is nothing they can do for him, and it's my fault for discontinuing treatment two years ago.

My boy is nearly 16 and I am having a terrible time watching him suffering. Any suggestions welcome.