I am Lianka. I am new to this site and finding it very interesting and helpful. We got a girl cavalier Lotty for about 10 weeks.She is nearly 18 weeks now.She is very cleaver and lovely little puppy.She is my first dog and I worry about everything she does like I do about my kids. A few things she does really freaking me out as I have read a lot about SM. She scratches on her neck a lot and shake her all body at least 3 times a day like she is wet.Her ears are clean and been checked by vet . She scoots her bum on the floor few times a day and growls and bites her legs(most worrying thing). This video is not of my puppy,but my Lotty does exactly same thing.Is this a normal puppy behaviour or is this something to worry about. Any advice on this would be appreciated.