If someone is going for three vaccinations, make sure they do not start before 9 weeks or they are a waste of money. Most vets in my experience doing three vaccinations on pups start them at a pointless age -- like 6-7-8 weeks. I have no idea why vets STILL mostly seem to give advice on vaccination which totally diverges from what longtime research and their own professional bodies now recommend -- eg starting puppy series at 9-10 weeks (most still doing on or before 8 weeks), then recommending annual boosters (every three years at most is now recommended by professional bodies).

Here is Dr Dodd's current protocol:


Note Dr Dodds does not feel it is necessary to do three initial vaccinations. Personally I never have. A vaccinated puppy will always be more susceptible than a one year old after the first booster simply because like kids, pups have weaker, more poorly developed immune systems than adults.