Thanks Margaret - but there speaks a car driver! Getting to the RVC was one of my less complicated journeys, much helped by your lift. Getting to our favourite camping site in Norfolk involves a taxi, 2 trains and 2 buses, dragging a trolley full of camping gear and with 2 dogs, so a bus, 2 trains and a short walk without any luggage was a doddle!

Apparently Drug B deals with 'intercranial hypertension' - which is an excellent description of Oliver's headaches (as far as I can guess). Not the more obvious SM pain of sensitivity to touch, yelping and so on - what I would call a 'soprano pain'; Oliver's is a lower grade but frequent 'bass pain', like a tension headache in humans, which seems to derive from his CM - so the drug could potentially be helpful for a lot of dogs. But Oliver is only one dog in the trial, and the drug happens to have worked for him, so it will be interesting to see what results come in from all the other triallists.

Kate, Oliver and Aled