I know the breed standard says "Weight and Size: Weight - twelve to eighteen pounds(5.50-8.20 kilo ). A small well-balanced dog well within these weights desirable"

But are we finding our Pet Cavaliers are getting generally bigger overall ,and just for my interest as my knowledge of show dogs is limited ,does a show Cavalier still have to be strictly within that size to win .

My four girls weigh Poppy 10.20 Kilo ,Daisy 8.10 Kilo ,Rosie 8.40 Kilo ,Lily 7.30 Kilo .

When we all came downstairs first thing this morning I always take them straight outside so they can go to the loo ,but this morning when outside I did a head count and one was missing .It was our Pops and there was no sign of her so I went back inside to check where she was and found she had come downstairs at the back of the gang and then when we all carried on Pops had turned left into the living room and was busy eating Luke's chicken sandwiches Dawn had left on a table ready to put in his school bag.

So what unexpected item did your Cavalier eat .?