Hi all,
I just have a question in regards to weight in older puppies. My (not so little) guy is now eight months old, and he seems to be still going through the stage of that awkward puppy body shape. One week he looks like a furry hippo with legs, the next, he's just all legs and looks quite slim and lanky. He seems to be still growing, but when do they usually grow into their adult body, so to speak.

We already have him on a healthy diet of mostly lean game meats as a base and healthy weight dry food, kangaroo lung and organic low fat cookies with chia seeds as treats. We've also just started adding a small spoonful of rice to his meals, which he really enjoys and helps him with potty time as well, since his anal glands have begun functioning normally now since being on it.

I worry about his weight, as I don't want to put any strain on his knees, hips and even heart, as he's already a big boy as it it. Should we be concerned that aesthetically, his weight seems to still fluctuate?