Hi everyone!
I'm new to CT, I have a 1.5 year old ruby boy and just adopted a 4 month old blen girl. We adopted the girl from a rescue, we think she may be a mix because she's a little outside of the breed standard.. but she's mostly a cav. Anyway, she is a NIGHTMARE to housetrain. She drinks bowls and bowls of water and eats like she has never seen food before. Our issue is that during the day she can't hold it in her crate for more than 1-2 hours and will pee in her crate. I was wondering if this is a behavioral thing(maybe she was always kept in a crate her first 4 months of life) or a symptom of a health issue. The fact that she has unquenchable thirst and hunger leads me to think she may have Cushing's disease. On the phone our vet mentioned that she may have a UTI though she never seems to be in pain while peeing. I'm not really sure what to do with her, it's frustrating to take a pup outside for potty runs every hour 24 hours a day when she is four months old.
Does anyone have any suggestions?