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Thread: I'm back, and I'm a year and half now!

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    Default I'm back, and I'm a year and half now!

    Hello all - my mum and dad could not stop wondering why I am so small, the smallest Cav they have seen so far. Thank God my good doctor Kevin keep on reminding them that I am petite, that's all. Which is probably good, as I don't eat much . It has been a long while since I was last here, so to update you all here are some photos of me taken in the last few days. Where we live we have come across a few other Cavs - Dora, Ambrose, Riley, Charlie, Ruby etc. It is coming to winter here now, but that is good too as I can now go for walks along the beach anytime, rather than have to wait until 7pm during summer up to Easter. Life is good!

    Chloe the Therapy Dog, and my sis Salwa.

    Chloe knackered after her walk by Chloe in Albany, on Flickr

    Can we go now, please!!!! by Chloe in Albany, on Flickr

    OK, I'm being a good girl, let's go now by Chloe in Albany, on Flickr

    Watching TV from the sofa by Chloe in Albany, on Flickr

    With big sis Salwa by Chloe in Albany, on Flickr
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    Chloe, you are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for the update More PICS!!! We have missed you.

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    So sweet and fluffy!


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