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My puppy, Sonny is 10 months old and he is left alone for about 4 1/2 hours, 4 days a week. We currently crate him when we are not home, but we are hoping after he turns 1 to get an exercise pen to make more space for him. He has had no problems being left for this amount of time. I just make sure to walk him as soon as I get home. Hope this helps!
yeay! thanks that really helps, Bentley has been left for 5 hrs like twice in his life and it was only recently when we got stuck in traffic and didn't make it home in 4 hrs. or something of that sort.I hope also that when he is 2 years old I can just pen him off instead of crating him. He has a safe area that I pen off already but his crate is in there and it leads to the back door, he has been able to dig up the carpet and I am afraid of him eating a string, so If I am not here I crate him (we are fixing it this week actually) But I had a cat die after he some how got ahold of a string and ate it, years ago, and it was devastating. I freak out about strings now. Once it is fixed I might actually try to pen him once or twice for quick trips out and see how it goes.. instead of crate. It has been 5 months since he had an accident.